dong tao chickens for sale Things To Know Before You Buy

The Dong Tao chicken breed has a captivating background deeply rooted within the history and lifestyle of Vietnam. At first bred for your royal classes and mandarins, Dong Tao chickens ended up treasured as both equally ornamental birds and also a source of delectable meat.

This sluggish advancement contributes into the exquisite flavor and richness in their meat, which makes it hugely prized in Vietnamese Delicacies.

Certainly one of the reasons why these birds command this kind of higher price is the fact that they make exclusive gifts. The highest price Dong Tao chickens are often reserved for sale for the duration of Tết, the Vietnamese new calendar year when they are presented as gifts.

The 9-spurs chicken is highly adaptable and thrives in numerous climates. These chickens are known for their robust guarding instincts and are sometimes held as ornamental birds.

The lionfish scale chicken is acknowledged for its fish-like feathering and buffalo-like horns. Originating in China, this uncommon and exotic breed showcases a surprising blend of scales and feathers.

Their rose combs will not be susceptible to frost bites and their thick dragon feet is going to be great while in the snow. The thick entire body muscles are lined in Fats that acts as insulation from chilly helping to them warm.

We can even examine other unique chicken breeds plus the cultural importance of those amazing birds.

The Serama chicken can be a captivating and extremely valued breed recognized for its exceptional traits. This comparatively new breed originated in Malaysia and it has speedily acquired acceptance among the chicken lovers around the world.

Whether you concentrate on dragon chickens to generally be definitely worth the hoopla or not, there are many who keep these birds in significant esteem. When you can offer the quality of treatment they have to have, they are often fantastic companions and, Maybe, a lucrative undertaking way too.

Dong Tao chicken breed is strong, robust and hardy executing perfectly even though the temperatures plummet or drop underneath freezing.

Based on the strain, an adult Dong Tao breeding pair can Charge nearly $2500, but reduce prices are available for less wanted strains. A breeding pair of sexed chicks Expense about $400, and hatching eggs are about $one hundred twenty per dong tao chicken for sale dozen. Superior need during seasonal holidays might increase the prices.

Though Dong Tao chickens are superior for meat and lifted as a dual intent chicken breed, they offer very few eggs.

What this means is the area where it truly is lifted. If there is even the slightest improve in temperature, the Dong Tao chicken stops laying eggs.

In truth, some breeders and farmers like Giang Tuan Vu, who was interviewed for his knowledge at increasing Dong Tao chickens, happen to be perfecting the ideal methods to remove conditions in these birds for greater than 20 years.

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